What we offer ~ Couples Counselling

Counselling is often spoken of as being quite different from psychotherapy.  But it seems to us, this is because it is assumed therapists practice in a classic Freudian mode (saying little, interacting little) or because counselling training courses are much shorter than those for therapy, sometimes as short as a few weekends as compared to four or five years for psychotherapy trainings.

We regard counselling simply as psychotherapy which is either time limited or aimed at dealing with a specific problem or area of difficulty.    We bring the same skills and techniques to both, skills honed over decades of practice.

The decision whether counselling or psychotherapy is an appropriate response to what troubles is a mutual one, made during a comprehensive examination of the issues concerned, during the initial consultations.  (See http://healingconversation.co.uk/view_all/consultations.php.)

Amongst the areas suitable for counselling are:

Difficulties at work 
The ending of relationships or other losses 
Starting new relationships 
Child-parent issues